Advisor Launch: Helping People Activate & Realize Their Potential

Ready To Build The Life Of Your Dreams
In Financial Services?

(Without worrying about transitioning your clients, cold-calling prospect lists, or being forced to sell proprietary products..)

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Lester Inniss

Financial Advisor

"I like how the team here provides me the freedom to go out and serve my community, helping provide them with the best on the investment side and protection side."

David Anderson

Financial Professional

"Everybody here is so great, and all want to do what we are here for, and that is to help people. We have new and experience in our office, and we just enjoy the camaraderie"

John Hersey

Financial Professional

"Everyone here has a team spirit, where we're doing lots of work in teams and that takes a huge burden off of me because suddenly I don't have to be the expert at everything."

Paul Williams

Financial Professional

"The way we approach planning is different from what is normally out there. All of the people we have that we can pull in at any time to work with them, and get the answers needed."

What's The Secret Then?

In order to create, grow, and sustain long-term success in the financial services industry, you need to use a repeatable framework that attracts potential clients to a highly niche-focused personal brand.

First, You Nail The

  • Perfect Your Personal Brand
  • Master Prospecting Skills, Fast.
  • Become An Irresistible Communicator
  • Build An Unstoppable Process
  • Focus Your Niche
  • Scale Your Success

Then, You Master The Framework


Hosted By Josh Hohenstein

EVP | Financial Advisor

Josh is an awarded public servant, U.S. Army combat veteran, financial advisor, business tax consultant, investment pro, marketer and digital innovator.

From mastering the art of warfare in real time, to unlocking marketing skills in the halls of Harvard University – Josh is our “unicorn”.

His purpose in life is to help people transform themselves from the people they are into the ones they want to be.

On This Webinar


(the kind of secrets that could possibly change the trajectory of your career)


Unlock Your Full Potential: Propel, Transform, and Master Your Way to Career Excellence Without Limits

  • Elevate Your Game with a Proven 90-Day Plan: Master key success fundamentals, fine-tune your prospecting skills, and refine your brand's X-factor to skyrocket client engagement—so you don't have to second-guess your business direction.
  • Transform Your Approach with 12-Week Career Guidance: Harness decades of phoning expertise, revolutionary financial philosophy, and targeted marketing strategies to propel your career—without having to endure the slow climb through traditional career ladders.
  • Build and Define Your Path to Market Mastery: From crafting a compelling "Why" to avoiding tech pitfalls and laying out a clear career roadmap, become the go-to market pro—so you don't have to face the setbacks of trial and error.


Transform, Connect, and Accelerate: Master the Art of Financial Communication and Build a Thriving, Efficient Practice

  • Revolutionize Your Process and Communication: Dive deep into the LBS Foundations and learn to masterfully convey financial services through compelling storytelling and metaphors—so you never have to lose a client due to unclear or unconvincing explanations.
  • Elevate Your Support Systems and Business Development: Leverage the power of a Professional Resource Group and CRM systems to build a repeatable, scalable business ecosystem—without having to get bogged down by inefficient practices and isolated efforts.
  • Accelerate Growth with Advanced Tools and Network Expansion: Utilize AI accelerators and tribe-building strategies to rapidly expand your network and refine your client avatar—ensuring you don't waste time on strategies that don't scale or adapt.


From Growth to Legacy: Transform Your Practice with Strategic Partnerships, Brand Amplification, and Future-Focused Leadership

  • Accelerate Your Path to Partnership & Profit: Unlock the roadmap to building profit centers and expanding your practice through unique skill sets and internal revenue strategies—ensuring you never have to watch opportunities pass you by.
  • Elevate Your Influence with Strategic Branding and Consulting: From revamping your brand to leveraging consulting as an external revenue driver, position yourself for unparalleled growth and recognition—without getting stuck in the status quo.
  • Cultivate a Legacy through Mentorship & Innovation Embrace teaching, mentorship, and cutting-edge AI mastery to build something far greater than individual success, future-proofing your practice—so you don't have to fear being left behind in an evolving industry.

Common, Popular, & Awesome Questions

While specific qualifications may vary, a strong foundation in finance, economics, business, or related fields is beneficial. Key skills include analytical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and a passion for serving clients’ financial needs.

The most important skill you can develop early on is your ability to build relationships with people.

The financial services industry offers a diverse range of career paths, including financial advising, investment banking, wealth management, risk management, financial analysis, compliance, and more. It provides opportunities to work with individuals, businesses, institutions, and even specialize in specific sectors.

At Rethink Wealth, we are currently hiring for growth positions such as Financial Advisor, Wealth Management Advisor, Financial Representative, & Financial Professional.

The earning potential in the financial services industry can be lucrative, with the potential for high salaries, performance-based bonuses, and commission structures. However, it varies based on factors such as position, experience, industry segment, and individual performance.

For example, an experienced financial advisor transitioning into our firm will likely receive more competitive compensation compared to a recent college graduate.

We prefer to say Work-Life Harmony, and it can vary depending on the specific role and company culture. While some positions may require longer hours, the industry has made strides in promoting work-life balance, providing flexibility, and recognizing the importance of well-being.

Our mentorship and coaching programs make this easy to accomplish because our firm development focus is on improving the “whole person” not just their abilities to sell or give guidance.

Yes, the financial services industry offers ample opportunities for career advancement and growth. With continuous learning, skill development, networking, and taking on new challenges, individuals can progress to higher-level roles, leadership positions, and specialized areas of expertise.

Many of our advisors have utilized our gracious “outside business activity” program to ethically, legally, and compliantly run additional businesses. This is almost unheard of across the industry, but we want our professionals to know that we support their success even if it means they become so successful chasing their dreams that they eventually leave to pursue them further.

Additionally, most of our executive leadership team started their careers as financial advisors.

Technology plays a vital role in the financial services industry, driving innovation, enhancing efficiency, and transforming client experiences. Firms increasingly leverage technology for data analytics, digital platforms, automation, cybersecurity, and providing clients with convenient access to financial services.

We go above and beyond to always ensure our advisors and financial pros have the tools and equipment to get the job done. Whether it’s intuitive cashflow management software, leading financial planning tools, and dozens of other business enablers – our advisors have an arsenal of support in and outside of the office.

Regulatory compliance is crucial in the financial services industry to protect investors, maintain market integrity, and ensure ethical practices. Firms must adhere to regulations set by organizations such as FINRA and the SEC, which govern areas like client communication, transparency, and the prevention of financial crimes.

We equip you to win by helping you automate your training, development, and learning requirements while also providing cutting edge training sessions to ensure any gaps in knowledge, skill, or understanding are closed quickly.

Rethink Wealth offers a wide range of professional development opportunities, including industry certifications, continuing education programs, workshops, conferences, mentorship programs, and internal training initiatives to enhance knowledge and skills.

Financial services professionals here at Rethink Wealth stay updated through various means, including market research, economic analysis, industry publications, professional networks, and continuous learning initiatives offered by the firm and our supporting relationships like Park Avenue Securities, The Guardian Life Insurance Company Of America, and more.

They actively monitor market trends, economic indicators, and regulatory changes to provide informed insights to our team

Joining Rethink Wealth provides an opportunity to make a significant impact on clients’ financial well-being by helping them achieve their goals, navigate complex financial decisions, mitigate risks, and protect their future.

Building trusted relationships and providing personalized guidance is key to making a positive difference. Our training is designed to equip you with the fundamental knowledge and understanding of financial services & financial planning quickly.

Through intentional focus on helping you develop your skills, you will be equipped for a lifetime of success leading your clients to redefine the ways they handle, manage, and relate to their money and it’s meaning.

At Rethink Wealth, we specialize in facilitating swift, secure, and confidential transitions for financial advisors and professionals seeking to join our team. With our comprehensive onboarding process and vast industry experience, we help ensure a seamless transition, enabling you to hit the ground running. Rest assured that your move to Rethink Wealth will be handled with the utmost discretion, safeguarding your privacy and protecting the relationships you’ve built throughout your career.

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