RETHINK Saving Cash Flow Retirement Protection Purpose Goals Legacy Wealth

RETHINK Purpose Goals Legacy Wealth

Empower Your Financial Journey With Tailored Financial Services to Help You Achieve Your Goals For A Prosperous Future.

We Are A Full-Service Financial Planning Firm Based In Fort Worth, Austin and Houston With Clients Across The Entire Nation.

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*All Assets Under Management Including Cash, Life Insurance Cash Value, & Market-Based Securities Including Annuities.

As Of 08/01/2023

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*All Clients & Customers Associated With Our Financial Advisors And Professionals, Including Brokers.

As Of 08/01/2023

When It Comes To Financial Planning, We Know You've Got Options. Choices. Questions. Concerns. Priorities. Limited Time.

Embark on a transformative journey with Rethink Wealth and become part of our close-knit family. Our team of specialized financial professionals caters to white coat professionals, busy individuals, and small business owners, helping you navigate life’s mysteries effortlessly. We’ve all been through a similar journey and chose a different path that leads to a better destination. Rethink Wealth knows how to challenge the norm, and we’re here to empower you to do the same.

At Rethink Wealth, we believe in living life on your terms. Our financial professionals understand that knowledge brings independence, which is why we prioritize providing financial education to our clients. Together, we’ll align your goals with intelligent financial advice, putting you in the driver’s seat for years to come. Don’t settle for the ordinary. Take control, break free, and live life on your own terms.

Ready for the next step? Let us be your guide.

We provide advanced solutions to managing your financial plan to help keep you on track.

Planning For Individuals

Live confidently with guidance from our financial professionals & advisors, trained from Day 1 to take a holistic approach to helping you navigate your financial future.

Planning For Businesses

Effortlessly integrate your business’ financial planning & strategic needs with your personal needs all in one place using our cutting-edge financial planning technology.

Living Confidently

Discover How Easy, and Simple Cash Flow Management Can Be.

The Living Balance Sheet®

Get Help Achieving Your Financial Goals In One Place On & Offline.


Explore Our Hub Of Financial Pros & Advisory Teams

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Discover Your FinancialDNA®

Take the Financial DNA® Assessment and receive a complimentary 7-page report identifying your financial thinking style, strengths & weaknesses when it comes to money, and unlock access to a financial pro that fits your style best.