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The Partners

Our firm is led by a dynamic team of visionary partners. As co-founders, our partners play a pivotal role in shaping our mission of long-term sustainable growth and revolutionizing the way advisors guide clients in thinking differently about financial planning. With their wealth of experience and knowledge, our partners provide strategic leadership, innovative thinking, and a deep commitment to empowering advisors to deliver unparalleled value and help clients navigate their financial journeys with a fresh perspective. Explore our website to discover how our partners’ vision translates into transformative strategies that shape a brighter financial future for all.

Headshot of Patrick Dickson, the Houston Partner at Rethink Wealth, smiling in a professional attire

Partner & Cofounder

Patrick Dickson


Partner & Cofounder

Shawn Arrington


Headshot of Rick Ray, demonstrating his strategic leadership as a partner and owner of Rethink Wealth in Houston, Texas, contributing to the high standard of Texas financial advisors and services.

Partner & Cofounder

Rick Ray


Strategic Leadership

Our esteemed C-suite executives at our financial services firm are the driving force behind translating the partners’ visionary goals into reality. These innovative leaders spearhead strategic initiatives, foster a culture of innovation, and ensure the alignment of operations with the partners’ vision. By bringing together their expeience, forward-thinking mindset, and extensive industry knowledge, the C-suite executives play a crucial role in executing transformative strategies, driving growth, and fostering an environment where innovation thrives, ultimately shaping the future of our firm and the financial services industry as a whole.

Headshot of Josh Hohenstein, embodying strategic leadership as the Marketing Director of Rethink Wealth, a renowned entity in Texas financial services and a guidepost for aspiring Texas financial advisors.

Chief Marketing Officer

Josh Hohenstein


Headshot of Nickelle Leist, showcasing her strategic leadership as the Chief Revenue Officer at Rethink Wealth, a prominent player in Texas financial services, based in Austin, Texas.

Chief Recruiting Officer

Nickelle Leist


Headshot of Tara Ray, exemplifying strategic leadership as the Chief Compliance Officer of Rethink Wealth, a leading firm in Texas financial services, based in Houston, Texas.

Chief Compliance Officer

Tara Ray


Meet Paul Cox, the COO of Rethink Wealth, a leading financial services team in Houston, TX. With his strategic leadership, Paul empowers financial advisors in Texas to provide top-notch services to clients. #FinancialServices #StrategicLeadership #HoustonTX

Chief Operations Officer

Paul Cox


Front-Line Leadership

Our accomplished Managing Directors play a pivotal role in nurturing talent and driving success. They provide hands-on training, personalized coaching, mentorship, and professional development opportunities to our team, empowering them to excel in their roles. With their guidance and experience, Managing Directors cultivate a culture of continuous learning, ensuring that our advisors are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver exceptional service to our clients. Their dedication to individual growth and development is instrumental in shaping a team of high-performing professionals who are poised for long-term success in the dynamic financial industry.

Mark Connelly Wealth Design Group Houston Tx

Mark Connelly

Managing Director

Tatiana Molina

Managing Director

Austin Bransgrove

Managing Director

Meet Tiffini Arrington, the Disability Insurance (DI) Specialist at Rethink Wealth in Fort Worth. With deep expertise, Tiffini ensures clients are protected with the right disability insurance solutions. #DisabilityInsurance #InsuranceSpecialist #FortWorthTX

Tiffini Arrington

DI Specialist

Introducing Josh Hohenstein, the Marketing Director of Rethink Wealth in Houston, TX. With a blend of creativity and strategic thinking, Josh drives impactful marketing campaigns for the financial services team. #MarketingDirector #FinancialServices #HoustonTX
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"I love the approach, processes, and support provided by the firm because it makes me a better guide to my clients."
Meet Jason Mickey, a Registered Representative in Houston, TX. With expertise in financial services, Jason guides clients on their investment journey with a friendly and approachable approach. #RegisteredRepresentative #FinancialServices #HoustonTX
Jason Mickey
Registered Representative
"I've been here since almost the beginning and couldn't be happier with how we have evolved to meet today's planning challenges."
Meet Carolyn Sheffy, a Financial Representative in the DFW area. With a warm and knowledgeable approach, Carolyn helps clients achieve their financial goals with expert financial services. #FinancialRepresentative #DFW #FinancialServices
Carolyn Sheffey
Financial Representative